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Crumbled is a Dutch start-up, founded by Marieke and Rein. As a true foodie, Marieke is a huge fan of cookbooks, but in her experience, finding the right recipes in these wonderfully big books isn’t always easy or convenient. Rein loves to cook and breathes web development, so the two food lovers put their heads together to solve this problem. The result is Crumbled: a platform for digital cookbooks that allows you to search, consult and organize your recipes anytime, anywhere.

Since we love innovative projects like these at Roquefort, we didn’t hesitate for a second when Rein and Marieke asked us to be involved. We were honored to be part of the whole trajectory; from naming and concept strategy, to testing the search engine and test-cooking the recipes. But most of all, we focused on the visual identity, website and promotional material for the project.


How does Crumbled work?

Step 1: Go to a store and buy one of the cookbooks that offer a free, digital Crumbled version of the book.


Step 2: Activate the digital version of your book on crumbled.nl with the unique code you received with your purchase. You can now consult this cookbook online at any time, wherever you are.


For Crumbled, we developed a user-friendly interface that works well with the extensive search and filter function.


You can sort your recipes by creating different recipe collections.


Digital vs. print

Crumbled is based on the conviction that digital books are a welcome and useful addition to their printed selves. The two complement each other, and the digital versions make the print versions easier to use.

And that’s a perfect combination, because we adore a good, beautifully printed cook book! There’s nothing like flipping through a fresh, newly-bought book, feeling the structure of the paper and smelling the printed pages. There is no way to re-create this experience in a digital environment, but with Crumbled we did manage to find a way to make your digital browsing fun and easy.


Cooking with Crumbled

To make cooking a fun and pleasant experience, we created a few useful features for the recipe pages. The instructions are clear and easy to read, you can add ingredients from different recipes to your own grocery list, and there’s a handy timer for any steps that require one. You can also add personal notes to the recipes, or leave a comment for your friends or the whole Crumbled community to see.


Long-running project

Roquefort worked on this project for over a year. Here we explain some of the steps that took us from initial idea to taking the product to market.


Visual identity: We started the project by developing a visual identity that fits the subject and speaks to the target audience, and one that can be easily applied to an online environment.


Wireframes: Wireframes reveal the structure of a website and function as a website prototype. The wireframes allowed us to easily test different lay-outs to see which one works best for the user.


Designing the website: After testing the wireframes, we transformed the visual identity into carefully designed web pages.


To market: After the first version of Crumbled was launched, Rein and Marieke participated in Renew the book, a start-up competition and accelerator for the Dutch publishing industry. Crumbled won the audience award and drew the attention of several publishers.


Promo: After Renew the Book, we sent out an informational package to every cookbook publisher we knew. We also designed the presentations Marieke used to wow the publishers.


Crumbled depends on the content of publishers and without their cooperation crumbled cannot exist. Unfortunately, the book industry turned out to be unready for digitization. Crumbled was online for two years, but they could not fulfill their ambitions. Therefore, the website is currently offline.


What the founders think

“Roquefort was incredibly skilled and capable in designing our user interface and with helping us develop the Crumbled concept, which changed over the course of the project. The final product looks incredible. Roquefort also helped us develop our usability. During an intense hackathon with several other developers, they proved how innovative and flexible their work methods are, and how well they work together with other people from the industry. Roquefort is very experienced and a force to be reckoned with in the digital world, and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Rein, co-fouder Crumbled



Developing Crumbled would never have been possible without the beautiful cookbooks from De Veldkeuken, Nootje and Brandt & Levie. They allowed us to use their cookbooks to help us develop Crumbled, and enabled us to work with actual, quality content. Some of the visuals you see in this case were taken from their cookbooks.