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HUMBOLDT geography

Malmberg Publishers

If you grew up in the Netherlands, chances are you grew up with Malmberg Publishers’ educational books and methods. Humboldt is their latest geography teaching method for every level of education. Roquefort had the honor of creating a fitting layout for the handbook.

MAVO to gymnasium

Humboldt is a method for middle school students, as well as havo and VWO-level freshman year. In total, we made 8 books for kids aged 12-15.



The core of this new method is gaining proper insight in the lessons being taught, and being able to apply them to everyday life. For the design and for the method, functionality is the main focus. Lessons should be taught according to the same structure every time, making sure students always know what is expected of them.


Stand-out chapters

In the layout, we made space for big and bold chapter openings. On the very first spread of a chapter, students are triggered by the image and get a taste of what’s coming in the information that follows.