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Kids under attack

Critical Mass

Kind Onder Vuur is a traveling exhibition developed for children aged 10-14 and the result of a collaboration between Humanity House and the Red Cross.

Together with Critical Mass and product designer Sam van Veluw, we created an artificial world in which children can experience what it’s like to grow up in the difficult environment of a war zone.

Over the course of a year, we helped develop the content, as well as the look and feel of the exhibition.

Sam uses the figure of a cross as the base of the exhibition, creating intimate interiors and spacious exteriors.

On the inside, you can find stories of kids growing up in Syria, Columbia, Palestine or Uganda. Children who grow up far away from each other and yet still experience similar, difficult circumstances.

On the outside of the structure, visiting children are encouraged to read and complete assignments on the subject.


Realistic settings

We created realistic images on the inside walls, resulting in an immersive experience where visitors step out of their daily lives and into a war zone living room.


Fitting visuals

On the outside, children can work on assignments based on the illustrated worlds portrayed on the walls. We chose to work with collages in which line drawings and stencils alternate with realistic images. This simple visual language appeals to the age group, yet doesn’t loose the essence of the extreme, difficult worlds of war zones.


Activity Book

The activity book is part of the exhibition and was designed according to the look and feel of the latter. Critical Mass created the questions inside, which stimulate children to think about how they would cope with a similar situation.


Photo credit: Sam van Veluw


What Critical Mass thinks

“Roquefort always manages to come up with new and original concepts for their designs, ones that fit the character of the assignment at hand. For Kind Onder Vuur, they created a style that was lighthearted but serious and urgent at the same time. They provide valuable input, have their own way of doing things, and are always open to feedback. That’s why we enjoy working with them.”

Hiske Arts, founder Critical Mass