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Noen is a coffee and lunch cafe in Utrecht Oost. Their philosophy is a no-nonsense, what you see is what you get attitude. This applies to the ingredients NOEN uses for their food, as well as the products they sell.

NOEN came to Roquefort for a visual identity based on the essence of a friendly, warm neighborhood gathering place.



A friendly logo

Noen is the old Dutch word for twelve noon: the exact middle of the day when the sun reaches its highest peak and shines bright overhead. We incorporated this happy occurrence in the logo, giving it its warm and friendly feel.


Line work

We created a set of simple line illustrations to express the visual identity of the place. Because of their accessible simplicity, the illustrations appeal to all residents in the neighborhood; from international students to young families.



The NOEN website is responsive and available in both Dutch and English, to cater to locals as well as international students and tourists.


A warm welcome

How can you establish yourself as a neighborhood hub from the get go? Easy: invite all your neighbors in for a cup of joe. The perfect way to get to know each other and start long-lasting local relationships.


Creating connections

The blackboard encourages customers to buy a coffee for a neighborhood friend. Your friends can come in and pick up their free coffees any time. A heart-warming and endearing gesture, and exactly what NOEN tries to embody.

Additionally, the blackboard is a social media superstar. Guests often share photos of the board with their friends, to let them know their coffee is ready. Nice exposure for NOEN, and a good way to introduce the cafe to a wider audience.


What NOEN thinks

“Right from the start, Roquefort enthusiastically embraced the concept of my store. They somehow knew exactly what designs would fit my ideas and visions, and surprised and took care of me during the entire process. The visual identity they created is just beautiful, with a good and recognizable logo and a clean and clear website. On top of that, they delivered all the print work with care and a critical eye for details.

It’s great to work with ingenious and creative people, who want nothing but the best, work fast, find the right solutions, and are always available for a short phone call to discuss progress. But what’s the most valuable is how Roquefort goes beyond the initial assignment and doesn’t shy away from adding their own two cents without losing sight of the budget. Both the process and the results were an absolute pleasure”

Tanja van Ballegooijen, owner NOEN